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I (Basically) Stopped Weeding Because of This Game-Changing Gardening Method
Carla Capalbo, Saveur
Weeding 5/19/23
The Best Easter Gift Is a Spring Flower You’ve Never Heard Of (Requires subscription?)
Marianne Willburn
You Can Turn Your Backyard Into a Biodiversity Hotspot
Matt Simon, Wired
Gardening Makes The World a Better Place 2/27/23
Unexpected protein interactions needed to build flowers
Beauty breeds obsession: the fight to save orchids from a lethal black market
Francesca Carington, The Guardian
Backyards are Zillow's must-have home feature for 2023
Yahoo Finance!
Fertilizer Label Literacy
Mark Sybouts, Turf
Fertilizing 11/1/22
Why experts say you shouldn't bag your leaves this fall
James Doubek, NPR
Fall Gardening 10/25/22
The Flower Garden Style That’s Sure to Turn Heads (Requires subscription?)
Bart Ziegler, Wall Street Journal
Landscape Design 7/13/22
How to properly prune hydrangeas
Katie Parker, Illinois Extension
Pruning 3/10/22
How to cultivate wellbeing through gardening
Kendra Wilson, The Guardian
Gardeners Live Longer 3/2/22
5 Little-Known Facts About Dahlias
Jenny Krane, Better Homes & Gardens
The secret to creating new public parks out of thin air? Foam
Nate Berg, Fast Company
Futurism 1/20/22
Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs to Bloom Indoors
My Garden Life
Bulbs 12/29/21
Growing Peppers on the ISS Is Just the Start of Space Farming
Melanie Canales, Wired
Futurism 12/21/21
Taking Care of a Potted Poinsettia Indoors
My Garden Life
Houseplants 11/17/21
Trees—They’re Just Like Us!
Laura Miller, Slate
Book Club 10/27/21
For Beautiful Spring Flowers: A Guide to Planning and Planting Bulbs (Requires subscription?)
Bart Ziegler, Wall Street Journal
Bulbs 10/24/21
How Britain’s most famous gardens are adapting to climate change (Requires subscription?)
Louise Curley, The Sunday Times
Notes from the Garden: It's time for fall plantings
Henry Homeyer, Brattleboro Reformer
Bulbs, Fall Gardening 10/22/21
Celebrate 163 Years of Trees in Central Park With These Expert Leaf-peeping Tips
Cailey Rizzo, Travel + Leisure
Road Trips 10/22/21
Brooklyn Bridge Park Wins 2021 Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize
Jared Green, ASLA
Road Trips 10/22/21
The Complicated Truth Behind “Botanical Sexism”
Jane C. Hu, Slate
Take a Walk in the Garden, Before It’s Too Late (Requires subscription?)
New York Times
Fall Gardening 10/20/21
These gorgeous plants have a few special needs when grown in our unpredictable climate
Nashia Baker, Martha Stewart Living
Ten high impact tulips to delight your neighbors
Melinda Myers, East Bay Times
Plant Recommendations 10/20/21
8 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Green Worms On Roses Read More:
Melissa Maynard, House Digest
Pest Control 10/20/21
50 fall flowers that bloom in October
Linda Lombardi, Lincoln Journal Star
Plant Recommendations 10/19/21
When Planning a Community Garden, Think Beyond the Usual Raised Beds
Elizabeth Waddington, Treehugger
Keep Your Garden Blooming by Deadheading Flowers
Jill Staake, Birds & Blooms
Study: Property Values Fall 30% From Poor Landscaping
Realtor Magazine
Curb Appeal 10/18/21
How Echinaceas Became an American Horticulture Success Story
Chuck Pavlich, Greenhouse Grower
Horticulture 10/18/21
7 Perennials You Should Divide in the Fall
Mikayla Borchert, Taste of Home
Division 10/17/21
How to remove a tree stump
Melanie Griffiths, Homes & Gardens
How to make wildflower seed bombs
Lola Houlton, Homes & Gardens
Home News Garden expert cautions against this common tree in gardens with dogs
Anna Cottrell, Gardening etc.
Best indoor trees – to enhance your sense of wellbeing
Rachel Crow, Homes & Gardens
Houseplants, Plant Recommendations 10/16/21
9 Unique Landscaping Ideas That Will Catch The Eye
Mark Wolfe, Samantha Allen, Forbes
Landscape Design 10/15/21
How to Grow a Bonsai Tree Indoors—and Actually Keep It Alive
Laura Fenton, Real Simple
Bonsai 10/15/21
How to Make Your Garden Soil More Acidic: 5 Ways and What to Avoid
David M. Kuchta, Treehugger
Soil 10/15/21
Campanula Bellflower: Everything You Should Know Before Planting Read More:
Jeana Harris, House Digest
6 Ways to Actually Use the Leaves on Your Lawn (Instead of Throwing Them Out)
Rachel Fairbank, Life Hacker
Fall Gardening 10/13/21
Planning a winter garden: 12 inspiring winter garden ideas and expert advice
Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens
Winter Gardening 10/10/21
Dan Pearson on how to design your garden (Requires subscription?)
Dan Pearson, The Sunday Times
Landscape Design 10/10/21
Fall's a good time for a flower bed makeover
Lee Reich, Associated Press
Fall Gardening 10/9/21
Here's When to Plant Peonies and How to Care for Them
Soo Kim, Newsweek
Home News Should you have live pathways in your garden? Gardener Scott's top tip will help you decide
Anna Cottrell, Gardening etc.
Landscape Design 10/9/21
Best winter plants for pots and borders
Melanie Griffiths, Homes & Gardens
Plant Recommendations, Winter Gardening 10/9/21
30 Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas That Will Transform Your Space Read More:
Marlen Komar, House Digest
Landscape Design 10/8/21
Monty Don tells gardeners to prepare for replanting now – for a healthy patch next spring
Megan Slack, Homes & Gardens
Fall Gardening 10/8/21
What I Learned During My First Year of Gardening
Frank Giustra, Modern Farmer
4 easy ways to protect your plants from winter frost
Lisa Joyner, Country Living
Fall Gardening 10/7/21
What to plant in October: our favorite plants to sow and grow this month
Ruth Hayes, Gardening etc.
Fall Gardening 10/6/21
Why a Fall Yard Clean-Up Is So Important for Your Lawn and Garden
Lauren Wellbank, Martha Stewart Living
Fall Gardening, Lawn 10/5/21
How to Grow and Harvest Sweet Potatoes
Lauren Wellbank , Martha Stewart Living
Vegetable Gardening 10/5/21
Larch Season Is Finally Here
Allison Williams, Seattle Met
Road Trips 10/4/21
What are the Benefits of Rooftop Gardens
Kim Hastings, Gildshire Magazines
The 6 Types of Soil For Your Garden
Harrison Kral, Family Handyman
Soil 10/4/21
Home Designs Garden path ideas: 33 pretty and practical walkways for your yard
Jill Morgan, Gardening etc.
Landscape Design 10/4/21
Chicago residents are fighting to save Navy Pier's Crystal Gardens, one of the city's only indoor green spaces
Alaa Elassar, CNN
Environmental Causes 10/3/21
I’m A Plant Doctor, and This Is How You Should Pot a Large Plant
Allie Flinn, Well and Good
Houseplants 10/3/21
Powdery mildew is a fungal disease common on peonies, other plants. Here’s what to do about it.
Tim Johnson, Chicago Tribune
Here’s how gardeners can plan -- and plant -- now for a colorful spring
Marianne Binetti, The Olympian
Bulbs 10/2/21
Gardening with Allen: Fall is a good time to prune some shrubs
Allen Wilson, The Columbian
Fall Gardening, Pruning, Shrubs 10/2/21
Cleveland City Planning Commission approves $300 million ‘CHEERS’ vision for new lakefront park areas on city’s East Side
Steven Litt, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Road Trips 10/1/21
From lawn to Minnesota native prairie, part 3: Picking your plants
Shaymus McLaughlin, Bring Me The News
Native Plants 10/1/21
10 Resilient Plants to Grow This October
Sarah DiMarco, Veranda
Fall Gardening 10/1/21
October gardening jobs: 12 tasks to keep your garden looking great this month
Gardening etc.
Fall Gardening 9/30/21
When to Cut Back Ornamental Grasses
Luke Miller, Family Handyman
Grasses 9/30/21
Ultimate Gardening Tips to be the Best Plant Parent
Jill Staake, Birds & Blooms
Heliotrope: Everything You Should Know Before Planting
Isabel Cohen, House Digest
10 Reasons Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for Planting Your Garden
Megan Hughes, Better Homes & Gardens
Fall Gardening 9/29/21
How to Grow and Care for Bleeding Heart
Marie Iannotti, The Spruce
19 of the Prettiest Plants with Silvery Leaves to Brighten Up Your Garden
Sheryl Geerts, Better Homes & Gardens
Plant Recommendations 9/28/21
Best plants for bathrooms: 8 indoor plants for humid spaces
Teresa Conway, Gardening etc.
Houseplants, Plant Recommendations 9/28/21
How to Grow and Care for Balloon Flowers
Marie Iannotti, The Spruce
Monty Don says repairing lawns should be done this weekend – and offers top tips
Megan Slack, Homes & Gardens
Lawn 9/25/21
How to Grow and Care for Liriope
David Beaulieu, The Spruce
Sage advice: Welcome salvias into your garden | The Real Dirt
Brent McGhie, Oroville Mercury Register
Home Designs Low maintenance landscaping: 14 ways to create a plot that needs minimal upkeep
Jill Morgan, Gardening etc.
Glow-in-the-dark plants could soon be a part of your garden. Here’s what to know
Karina Mazhukhina, Centre Daily Times
How to Grow and Care for Hollyhock (Alcea)
Gemma Johnstone, The Spruce
25 Secret Garden Tips We Learned From Grandma
Lori Vanover, Birds & Blooms
25 of the Best Tulips to Plant in the Fall for Your Prettiest Spring Garden Yet
Sheryl Geerts, Better Homes & Gardens
Plant Recommendations 9/22/21
How America’s hottest city is trying to cool down
Joss Fong, Vox
Environmental Causes 9/20/21
18 of the Most Stunning Blue Flowers You'll Love Growing in Your Garden
Viveka Neveln, Better Homes & Gardens
Plant Recommendations 9/17/21
What To Know About Pine Needle Mulch
Mikayla Borchert, Family Handyman
Mulching 9/16/21
A masterclass in city garden design by Tom Massey
Clare Foster, House & Garden
17 Hanging Herb Garden Ideas That Really Save Space
Gemma Johnstone, The Spruce
Edible Gardens, Herbs 9/15/21
15 Best Purple Plants For Your Flower Garden
Desiree O, House Digest
Plant Recommendations 9/14/21
5 Essential Fall Butterfly Garden Tips
Jill Staake, Birds & Blooms
Pollinators 9/14/21
Want To Keep Cut Flowers Alive For Longer? Here's A Science-Backed Trick
Emma Loewe, mbgplanet
Floral Arrangement 9/13/21
6 common lawn care mistakes homeowners make during fall — and how you can avoid them
Yahoo Canada
Lawn 9/13/21
5 clever design tricks to steal from this large English garden
Rhoda Parry, Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 9/12/21
Home News Gardening expert shares how she makes her summer-blooming plants look good for longer
Millie Hurst, Gardening etc.
7 essential gardening jobs to do in September
Rachel Edwards, Country Living
Fall Gardening 9/11/21
What to do when your garden soil stays too wet
Lee Reich, Journal Star
How to Start Composting
Anna Perling, New York Times
Composting, Sustainable Gardening 9/10/21
How to Grow a Tamarack Tree
Les Engels, The Spruce
5 Easy Ways That Anyone Can Help Save Bees, Right From Your Own Backyard
Jessica Stewart, My Modern Met
Pollinators 9/10/21
Home Advice 5 garden experts reveal their favorite autumn flowering plants
Megan Slack, Gardening etc.
Plant Recommendations 9/10/21
Grass is good. Lawns are terrible.
Benji Jones, Vox
Environmental Causes 9/10/21
Impatiens: Everything You Should Know Before Planting
Sandra Mardenfeld, House Digest
How to aerate your lawn in the fall — and why it’s so important
Veronica Sparks, 21 Oak
Lawn 9/9/21
How to Grow and Care for the Eastern Cottonwood
Les Engels, The Spruce
13 Creative Ways to Decorate with Mums for the Best Fall Display on Your Block
Viveka Neveln, Better Homes & Gardens
Container Gardening, Fall Gardening 9/9/21
18 of the Most Colorful Japanese Maple Trees for Your Yard
Sheryl Geerts, Better Homes & Gardens
Plant Recommendations 9/9/21
Why cutting down on digging the garden can actually be good for soil
Clare Wilson, New Scientist
Lupine Flowers: Everything You Should Know Before Planting
Jeana Harris, House Digest
Hidden Dangers That Are Ruining Your Garden
Savannah Sher, House Digest
Pest Control 9/8/21
How to Grow and Care for Hibiscus
Gemma Johnstone, The Spruce
How to Grow and Care for Hibiscus
Gemma Johnstone, The Spruce
Fall Armyworms Are Attacking Lawns and Crops on ‘Unprecedented’ Scale
David Kindy, Smithsonian Magazine
Lawn, Pest Control 9/7/21
Are You Using the Right Type of Mulch?
Jennifer Howell, Garden Gate Magazine
Mulching 9/7/21
Home Designs Lighting landscape ideas: 11 enchanting ways to illuminate your space
Holly Crossley, Gardening etc.
Five ways to use your garden to support your wellbeing
The Conversation
Gardeners Live Longer 9/2/21
This Is Why Some People Put Netting Over Trees
Melany Love, Taste of Home
Trees 9/2/21
Home Advice Best companion plants for onions: use these flowers, herbs and vegetables to improve your onion crops
Sarah Wilson, Gardening etc.
Combinations, Vegetable Gardening 9/2/21
15 Pink Plants Your Houseguests Will Be Obsessed With
Hannah Cole, House Digest
Houseplants, Plant Recommendations 9/2/21
Monkey Grass: Everything You Should Know Before Planting
Sandra Mardenfeld, House Digest
19 Colorful Window Box Ideas and Plant Combinations for Sunny Spots
Sheryl Geerts, Better Homes & Gardens
Container Gardening 9/1/21
15 of the Prettiest Flowering Vines That Will Stop You in Your Tracks
Sheryl Geerts, Better Homes & Gardens
Plant Recommendations, Vines & Climbers 8/31/21
How to Grow and Care for Calla Lily
Peg Aloi, The Spruce
How to repair lawn patches with seed: simple steps for healthy grass
Holly Crossley, Gardening, etc.
Lawn 8/30/21
Home Advice What to plant in September: our top 10 flowers to sow and grow this month
Ruth Hayes, Gardening, etc.
Fall Gardening 8/28/21
What to plant in September – the best flowers and vegetables to grow this month
Rachel Crow, Homes & Gardens
Fall Gardening 8/28/21
How to deadhead petunias – to increase blooms
Holly Reaney, Homes & Gardens
Pruning 8/28/21
Monty Don reveals why we should fill our gardens with pale-colored blooms
Millie Hurst, Real Homes
Moon Gardens 8/28/21
How to Dry the Herbs You've Grown in Your Garden, on the Patio, or in a Window Box
Jessie Damuck, Martha Stewart Living
Herbs 8/26/21
A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Garden Pests
Pest Control 8/26/21
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021: a complete guide
Sarah Wilson, Gardening etc.
Road Trips 8/25/21
How to Grow French Lavender
Erica Puisis, The Spruce
Here's where to find instructions for a 'ready-to-plant' wildlife garden
Thomas Christopher, Berkshire Eagle
Calla Lilies: Everything You Should Know Before Planting
Isabel Cohen, House Digest
How to Grow a Tulip Tree
David Beaulieu, The Spruce
How to Grow a Tulip Tree
David Beaulieu, The Spruce
17 Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom
Marie Iannotti, The Spruce
Houseplants, Plant Recommendations 8/24/21
12 Types of Variegated Hosta That'll Shine in Your Yard
Gemma Johnstone, The Spruce
Plant Recommendations 8/23/21
8 edible weeds to start foraging
Katherine Sacks, Salon
Home Advice Mulching: a guide on when and how to mulch your garden
Sarah Giles, Gardening etc.
Mulching 8/23/21
5 Tips for Choosing the Best Trees to Plant in Your Yard
Megan Hughes, Better Homes & Gardens
Plant Recommendations, Trees 8/23/21
How to make your garden more sustainable
James Wong, The Guardian
Sustainable Gardening 8/22/21
How to make compost – the expert guide
Sarah Wilson, Homes & Gardens
Composting, Fertilizing, Sustainable Gardening 8/22/21
The Best Ways to Use Your Outdoor Garden to Decorate Your Home
Elizabeth Yuko, Life Hacker
Floral Arrangement 8/22/21
What to do with that bounty of peppers in the garden and how to preserve your harvest
Laura Simpson, Los Angeles Daily News
Vegetable Gardening 8/22/21
Home Advice How to plant a window box: create a pretty display in five easy steps
Teresa Conway, Gardening etc.
Container Gardening 8/21/21
4 reasons to let your lawn grow wild
Angely Mercado, Popular Science
Lawn 8/21/21
A tip for gardeners: don’t let soil lie bare in winter
Alys Fowler, The Guardian
Fall Gardening 8/21/21
How to Cut the Hydrangeas in Your Garden for Fresh Floral Arrangements
Blythe Copeland, Martha Stewart Living
Floral Arrangement 8/20/21
The 5 Best-Smelling Houseplants to Add to Your Collection
Adrienne Jordan, Real Simple
Houseplants, Plant Recommendations 8/20/21
How to Get Rid of Slugs and Snails in the Garden
Luke Miller, Birds & Blooms
Pest Control 8/18/21
Making the Most of Outdoor Space for a Bountiful and Beautiful Vegetable Garden
Jennifer Tzeses, Mansion Global
Vegetable Gardening 8/18/21
Home Advice Best hedging plants: 12 choices for creating green garden boundaries
Fiona Cumberpatch, Gardening etc.
Hedges, Shrubs 8/18/21
15 Types Of Red Flowers That Will Look Perfect In Your Flower Garden
Jeana Harris, House Digest
Plant Recommendations 8/18/21
19 Berry-Producing Plants That Will Attract Birds to Your Yard
Nicole Bradley, Better Homes & Gardens
Birds, Plant Recommendations 8/18/21
A well-known wildflower turns out to be a secret carnivore
Jaime Chambers, ScienceNews
The best house plants for every room in your home, according to plant stylists
Joey Haddon, Insider
Houseplants 8/17/21
Ornamental Grass Cleanup in Spring
Sherri Ribbey, Garden Gate Magazine
Grasses, Spring Gardening 8/17/21
Are your houseplants actually good for the planet?
Audrey Carleton, Vox
Environmental Causes, Gardening Makes The World a Better Place, Houseplants 8/16/21
Advice From a Tomato Expert About The Best Heirloom Tomato Varieties
Katherine Sacks, FoodPrint
How To Design The Best Greenhouse: Layout And Functionality Tips
Danor Aliz, Upscale Living
‘Ten years ago this was science fiction’: the rise of weedkilling robots
Padraig Belton, The Guardian
Environmental Causes, Futurism, Weeding 8/14/21
Home Advice Small garden design mistakes: 8 things to avoid when planning a small backyard
Holly Crossley, Gardening etc.
Landscape Design 8/14/21
NASA says these 18 plants are the best at naturally filtering the air in your home
Tod Perry, Upworthy
Houseplants 8/13/21
12 Best Vegetables and Flowers to Plant in October
Katrarina Avendano, Good Housekeeping
Fall Gardening 8/12/21
15 Flowers That Hummingbirds Absolutely Love
Sandra Mardenfeld, House Digest
Birds 8/12/21
Growing Perennial Sunflowers
Marie Ionnotti, The Spruce
How to Grow Siberian Bugloss
Marie Iannotti, The Spruce
How to Make Your Garden More Hands-Off
Lau, Martha Stewart Living
How to Plant a Fall Garden (and the Best Time to Do It)
Aisha Jordan, Life Hacker
Fall Gardening 8/9/21
Begonias are booming: Try these tips to grow them indoors or outside
Kym Pokorny, The Oregonian
How to start a rooftop garden
Albert Bassili, SFGate
How Communities Can Reimagine Their Landscape in the Climate Crisis
Sami Grover, Treehugger
Environmental Causes, Gardening Makes The World a Better Place 8/9/21
Roundup is finally going to be made without glyphosate in the US
Purbita Saha, Popular Science
Environmental Causes 8/9/21
10 Simple Steps to Greener Gardening
My Garden Life
Sustainable Gardening 8/9/21
How to kill grass growing between perennials and ground-cover plants
Tim Johnson, Chicago Tribune
Weeding 8/7/21
Here's Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for Some Major Landscaping
Lauren Wicks, Veranda
Landscape Design 8/6/21
New Study Shows Climate Change May Increase the Spread of Plant Pathogens
Shi En Kim, Smithsonin Magazine
Environmental Causes, Futurism 8/5/21
One way to create cooler, cleaner megacities? Plant rooftop gardens!
Marianne Dhenin,
Environmental Causes 8/5/21
Low Maintenance Garden Ideas: Beautiful Gardens, Minimum Fuss
Paul Hervey-Brookes, Hugh Metcalf, Homebuilding & Renovating
The 7 Trees You Should Never Plant in Your Yard, According to Real Estate Pros
Adrienne Jordan, Apartment Therapy
Curb Appeal 8/4/21
6 Plants That Attract Dragonflies
Kris Wetherbee, Taste of Home
Pollinators 8/3/21
How to Create a Shade Garden—No Sun Necessary
Debbie Wolfe, Real Simple
Shade Gardening 8/3/21
Gardening 101: Japanese Aralia
Kier Holmes, Gardenista
Mistakes Everyone Makes When Planting Cucumbers
Alice Broster, House Digest
Vegetable Gardening 8/3/21
How to Use Plants to Naturally Ward Off Pests in Your Yard
Meagan Shelley, Architectural Digest
Pest Control 8/2/21
10 popular types of succulents and how to care for them
Daniela Alvarez
Houseplants, Plant Recommendations 8/2/21
Moon Gardens Are the Dreamiest Plant Trend of 2021—Here's How to Create One
Debbie Wolfe, Real Simple
Moon Gardens 8/2/21
Home Advice What to plant in August: 10 flowers to sow or grow this month
Ruth Hayes, Gardening etc.
Summer Gardening 8/2/21
The best perennial flowers that bloom all summer
Kim Renta, 21 Oak
Plant Recommendations 8/1/21
Your Complete Guide to Growing and Caring for Gorgeous Fall Mums
Better Homes & Gardens
Mistakes Everyone Makes When Planting Tomatoes
Jeana Harris, House Digest
Vegetable Gardening 7/30/21
Types of roses: 11 beautiful varieties for your garden
Holly Crossley, Fiona Cumberpatch, Gardening etc.
Plant Recommendations 7/30/21
Mistakes Everyone Makes When Planting Squash
Hannah Cole, House Digest
Vegetable Gardening 7/29/21
7 golden rules to give your long, narrow garden the wow factor all year round
House Beautiful
Landscape Design 7/29/21
Mistakes Everyone Makes When Planting Strawberries
Alice Broster, House Digest
Vegetable Gardening 7/27/21
Mistakes Everyone Makes When Planting Hyacinths
Sandra Mardenfeld, House Digest
Bulbs 7/27/21
How to Grow and Care for the Bald Cypress
Les Engels, The Spruce
How to Grow Chokecherries
Erica Puisis, The Spruce
11 Delicious Cold-Season Vegetables That Are Easy to Grow
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Vegetable Gardening 7/26/21
How to Grow and Care for Garden Phlox (Tall Phlox)
David Beaulieu, The Spruce
How to Grow Hostas
Angela England, The Spruce
How to Grow Bergenia Plants
Jamie McIntosh, The Spruce
Best plants that repel insects: keep bugs at bay with these plants
Fiona Cumberpatch, Gardening etc.
Pest Control 7/25/21
Norfolk Island Pine
Jon Vanzile, The Spruce
A beginner’s guide to gardening
Dawn Hammon, Inhabitat
How to Grow Foxglove
David Beaulieu, The Spruce
How to Grow Lenten Rose
David Beaulieu, The Spruce
Saving Water: 11 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home and Garden
Hugh Metcalf, Homebuilding & Renovating
Watering 7/21/21
How to Grow a Weeping Willow Tree
Vanessa Richins Myers, The Spruce
How to Grow Euphorbia
Marie Iannotti, The Spruce
How to Grow Hellebore
Marie Iannotti, The Spruce
How to Grow Acorus
David Beaulieu
How to Grow Lungwort
Marie Iannotti, The Spruce
How to Grow Common Butterbur
David Beaulieu, The Spruce
Gorgeous Globe-Shaped Flowers for the Midwest (Requires subscription?)
Mark Dwyer, Fine Gardening
Landscape Design, Plant Recommendations 7/20/21
Best Perennials for Every Region of the U.S.
Susan Martin, Family Handyman
Plant Recommendations 7/20/21
Home Designs Side garden ideas: 11 ways to transform the small space alongside your house
Holly Crossley, Gardening etc.
Landscape Design 7/20/21
The Best Ways to Water Your Garden Through the Seasons
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Watering 7/20/21
3 Signs You’re Underwatering Your Plants, and How To Prevent That From Happening
Kara Jillian Brown, Well + Good
Houseplants 7/19/21
Water Wisely: 6 Tips on How to Water Your Garden Without Waste
Kier Holmes, Gardenista
Watering 7/19/21
What to Plant with Lavender: 9 Best Companions
Arricca Elin SanSone, PureWow
Plant Recommendations 7/19/21
Climate change is making poison ivy stronger and itchier
Zoya Teirstein, Grist
How to get rid of squirrels
Homes & Gardens
Pest Control 7/18/21
This urban farmer transformed her rental home’s front lawn to help feed the neighborhood
Lisa Boone, San Diego Union Tribune
Gardening Makes The World a Better Place 7/17/21
Gardening with Allen: Cut back heat-damaged plants
Alen Wilson, The Columbian
Summer Gardening 7/17/21
How to grow zucchini – tips for growing courgettes at home
Rachel Crow, Homes & Gardens
Vegetable Gardening 7/17/21
Designers reveal the unconventional color you should paint your fence to make your plants pop
Megan Slack, Gardening etc.
Gardening Trends, Landscape Design 7/17/21
Home Advice When is the best time to water plants? Expert tips on the perfect time to water your garden
Sarah Wilson, Gardening etc.
Watering 7/16/21
Home Advice How to get rid of slugs: 13 natural ways to remove them from the garden
Sarah Wilson, Gardening etc.
Pest Control 7/15/21
How Much is Watering Your Lawn and Garden Costing You? Reduce Your Bill With These Tips
Lauren David, Better Homes & Gardens
Watering 7/14/21
Why Letting Your Grass Turn Brown in Summer Is Totally Okay
Lynn Coulter, Better Homes & Gardens
Lawn, Summer Gardening 7/12/21
How to Grow Stock Flowers
Peg Aloi, The Spruce
Take it easy on the watering and your veg will thank you
James Wong, The Guardian
Vegetable Gardening, Watering 7/11/21
Monty Don explains why you shouldn't cut your hedges until after August
Millie Hurst, Real Homes
Hedges 7/10/21
Deadheading Basics: How to Keep the Flowers Coming
Clare Coulson, Gardenista
Pruning 7/9/21
Pests and Diseases of Cucumbers
My Garden Life
Pest Control, Vegetable Gardening 7/7/21
Garden Guild of Winnetka Maintains Butterfly Habitat
Garden Club of America
Pollinators 7/6/21
Trees inoculated with probiotics could clean up America’s contaminated land
Talib Visram, Fast Company
Environmental Causes 7/6/21
Mistakes Everyone Makes When Planting Hydrangeas
Jeana Harris, House Digest
Break the rules and you’ll be a happier grower
James Wong, The Guardian
Henry Homeyer: It’s time to prune your trees and shrubs
Henry Homeyer, Chester Telegraph
Pruning 7/4/21
Outdoors rooms, or bridges to nature: lockdown’s changed how we use gardens
Juliet Sargeant, The Guardian
Broken plan gardens are 2021's newest garden design trend – here's what you need to know
Megan Slack, Homes & Gardens
Gardening Trends 7/3/21
How to grow ranunculus
Discover how to grow ranunculus – 'the rose of the spring' – which will bring colorful, frilly bloom, Homes & Gardens
Could miniature forests help air-condition cities? (Requires subscription?)
The Economist
Environmental Causes, Futurism, Gardening Makes The World a Better Place 7/3/21
Why ‘Pinching’ Your Plants Helps Them Grow Bigger and Stronger
Kara Jillian Brown, Well + Good
Pruning 7/2/21
Home Designs South-facing garden ideas: 15 ways to make the most of a sun-filled plot
Jill Morgan, Gardening etc.
Landscape Design 7/2/21
9 Delicious Herbs You Can Grow in Water Indoors for a Constant Supply of Fresh Flavor
Viveka Neveln, Better Homes & Gardens
Herbs, Houseplants, Plant Recommendations 7/2/21
How to Grow Spiked Speedwell (Veronica)
David Beaulieu, The Spruce
How to Successfully Grow Smooth, Panicle, and Bigleaf Hydrangeas at Home
Erica Sloan, Martha Stewart Living
7 Best Backyard Landscaping Ideas
Dawn Weinberger, Lexie Pelchen, Forbes
Landscape Design 6/30/21
Cozy Mysteries for Gardeners
Darryl Wood Gerber, CrimeReads
Book Club 6/28/21
Five TV gardening and landscape shows that you will really dig
How to Keep Plants Cool in the Heat of Summer
Jonathon Engels, One Green Planet
How to Sharpen and Restore Your Gardening Tools
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What to Plant with Tomatoes: The 25 Best Companions to Try (and 7 to Avoid)
Arricca Elin SanSone, PureWow
Plant Recommendations, Vegetable Gardening 6/27/21
It’s time to rip up your lawn and replace it with something you won’t need to mow
Jean Feinbold, Popular Science
Ground Covers 6/27/21
How to Grow, Cut, and Arrange Dahlia Flowers Like a Pro
Deb Wiley, Better Homes & Gardens
Floral Arrangement 6/24/21
A Month-by-Month Hydrangea Care Guide
Lauren Wellbank, Martha Stewart Living
Garden Q&A: Leaves in my flower garden have holes in them. What should I do?
Ellen Nibali, Baltimore Sun
Pest Control 6/23/21
Home Advice Watering plants while away on vacation: how to keep the garden watered
Ruth Hayes, Gardening etc.
Watering 6/23/21
The beauty and science of growing bonsai
Stan Horaczek, Popular Science
Bonsai 6/23/21
A garden designer explains how to use old concrete, paving slaws and poor soil to create a beautiful garden
Hannah Stephenson, Independent
The 3 main reasons why plants drop their leaves, according to an expert
Lauren Geall, Stylist
Houseplants 6/22/21
Rain gardens: 10 stunning ideas and designs that soak up rain run-off
Gardening etc.
Rain Gardens 6/22/21
A Plant Doctor Explains How To Properly Propagate Your Plants Depending on the Type
Kara Jillian Brown, Well + Good
Houseplants 6/22/21
How Important Is It To Divide Hostas In Your Garden?
Jeana Harris, House Digest
A Nooks-And-Crannies Field Guide To Chicago Plants
Natalie Dale, WBEZ
Keep Chipmunks Out of Your Garden
My Garden Life
Pest Control 6/21/21
Why Do Perennials Take Three Years To Mature?
Jeana Harris, House Digest
Perennials 6/21/21
How to make a small garden look bigger – 8 easy ways to maximize space
Sophie Warren-Smith, Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 6/20/21
Fancy a backyard makeover? Better join the long queue for a garden designer
Donna Ferguson, The Guardian
Home Advice How to design a potager garden for vegetables and flowers
Janey Goulding, Gardening etc.
About to plant a tree or shrub? Wait it out until fall (Requires subscription?)
Beth Botts, Chicago Tribune
Why You Should Never Plant Seeds In Wet Soil
Jeana Harris, House Digest
Home Advice Small garden design tips from the experts: maximize your plot's potential with plants, furniture, and more
Holly Crossley, Gardening, etc.
Landscape Design 6/18/21
The Difference Between Hardscape and Softscape, And How to Use Both in Your Garden
Elizabeth Yuko, Life Hacker
Here's When You Should Cut the Flowering Stems Off Your Hostas
Charlotte Germane, Better Homes & Gardens
Pruning 6/17/21
How one French landscape gardener saves and sells abandoned plants
John Laurenson, Marketplace Morning Report
How to Grow Canadian Hemlock Trees
David Beaulieu, The Spruce
15 of the Best Flowers for Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Birds, Plant Recommendations 6/14/21
Home Advice How to grow dahlias: follow our advice for dazzling floral displays in your garden
Teresa Conway
How To Grow Tomatoes Properly, According to a Gardening Expert
Lulu Chang, Well + Good
Vegetable Gardening 6/12/21
How To Pinch Back Flowers & Why You Should Save Your Cuttings
Emma Loewe, mbgplanet
Pruning 6/11/21
5 Things That Actually Work To Control Mosquitos, According to an Entomologist
Allie Flinn, Well + Good
Pest Control 6/11/21
The Best Natural Way to Kill Weeds
Melinda Myers, Birds & Blooms
Weeding 6/10/21
Garden guide: Everything you need to know about growing hydrangeas (Requires subscription?)
Hannah Herrera Greenspan, Chicago Tribune
How to Care for Peonies
Nancy Mock, Taste of Home
Allotment jobs for June
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Fend off drought death to your landscape with these handy tips
Mark Torregrossa
More Than Half of Young Adults Would Choose Gardening Over Clubbing: Survey
Taneasha White, Inside Edition
Here's What You Should Know About Fertilizing Your Indoor Plants
Lizzie Reed,
Fertilizing, Houseplants 6/8/21
Learning to Grow: Ferns a resilient pick for shady areas in gardens
Sarah Marcheschi, Shaw Media
Plant Selection, Shade Gardening 6/8/21
How radical gardeners took back New York City
Ranjani Chakraborty and Melissa Hirsch , Vox
Environmental Causes, Gardening Makes The World a Better Place 6/8/21
Plants in dry, shady areas of your garden can still flourish — if you choose the right ones
Beth Botts, Chicago Tribune
Plant Recommendations, Shade Gardening 6/6/21
Here’s why your hydrangeas are not blooming — and why they changed color
Tim Johnson, Chicago Tribune
10 Perennials That Bloom the Longest
Family Handyman
Plant Recommendations, Plant Selection 6/4/21
How to Attract Bats to Keep Bugs Under Control in Your Yard
Rita Pelczar, Better Homes & Gardens
How to grow calibrachoa (million bells)
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Flower seeds to sow in June
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Seeds 6/1/21
Vegetable seeds to sow in June
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Seeds, Vegetable Gardening 6/1/21
Garden wildlife jobs for June
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
How to grow gypsophila (baby’s breath)
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
What You Need to Know to Eliminate Weeds From Your Garden
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Weeding 6/1/21
Make a Butterfly Garden: Features That Attract Butterflies
Megan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Pollinators 5/25/21
Front-Yard Food Gardening: Advice from Tara Nolan
Niki Jabbour, Horticulture Magazine
Vegetable Gardening 5/25/21
A Recipe for Long Seasons of Beauty in a Small Garden
Jennifer Horn, Horticulture Magazine
Landscape Design 5/25/21
The secret social lives of trees
Jonny Thomson, Big Think
Book Club, Trees 5/25/21
Use the ‘Early, Middle, Late’ Approach to Have Blooming Flowers All Season
Elizabeth Yuko, Life Hacker
Plant Selection 5/25/21
The gardener’s guide to lantana
Adrian Higgins, Washington Post
Well-Designed Outdoor Green Spaces Will Remain Popular In Post-Covid Residential Construction
Julia Brenner, Forbes
Home Advice How to get rid of aphids: tips to prevent them from ruining your plants
Holly Crossley, Gardening etc.
Pest Control 5/24/21
Vertical farming: disrupting agriculture
Robby Berman, Big Think
The Mystery of the Watermelon's Origins May Have Been Solved
Isaac Schultz, Gizmodo
Vegetable Gardening 5/24/21
Out-of-the-Ordinary Containers for Shade
Sarah Partyka, Fine Gardening
Container Gardening 5/24/21
How to grow taro
Alys Fowler, The Guardian
I Used to Be a Grocery Store Florist — Here’s What All Shoppers Need to Know
Heather McClees, Kitchn
12 best raised garden beds in 2021, according to experts
Zoe Malin, NBC News
May Gardening Checklist
Chicago Botanic Garden
What Is French Intensive Gardening?
Nadia Hassani, The Spruce
Vegetable Gardening 5/20/21
NYC’s newest park Little Island finally opens on the Hudson River
Devin Gannon, 6sqft
Road Trips 5/20/21
The gardener’s guide to coleus
Adrian Higgins, Washington Post
5 dramatic ways garden design has changed in four decades – according to the experts
Megan Slack, Homes & Gardens
Gardening Trends 5/20/21
How to grow rosemary – from cuttings and from seed, with top care tips
Melanie Griffiths, Homes & Gardens
Herbs 5/20/21
Vegetable seeds to sow in May
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Seeds, Vegetable Gardening 5/20/21
The Quiet Reinvention of the Clematis (Requires subscription?)
Adrian Higgins, Washington Post
If You Think You Know What a Fern Is, Think Again (Requires subscription?)
Margaret Roach, New York Times
Shade Gardening 5/19/21
Herb Garden Basics: The Tasty Essentials Every Home Cook Should Grow
Edible Gardens, Herbs 5/19/21
Royal Velvet Petunia Is About to Become the Reigning Champion of Your Garden
Sheryl Geerts, Better Homes & Gardens
11 Shade-Loving Plants for Containers
Audrey Stallsmith, Bob Vila
Container Gardening, Plant Recommendations, Plant Selection, Shade Gardening 5/18/21
What to Know About Hay Bale Gardening
Lisa Meyers McClintick, Family Handyman
Garden wildlife jobs for May
Allotment jobs for May
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
The gardener’s guide to elephant ear - Colocasia & Alocasia
Adrian Higgins, Washington Post
Flower seeds to sow in May
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Home Designs Landscaping ideas for front of house: 16 ways to spruce up your plot with paving, planting and more
Jill Morgan, Gardening etc.
Landscape Design 5/16/21
Sloped backyard ideas – 10 expert design solutions for a sloping garden
Kelsey Mulvey, Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 5/15/21
How to plan a cottage garden – from choosing a layout to picking plants
Leigh Clapp, Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 5/14/21
Plants to Seamlessly Integrate a Pergola Into Your Garden
Elizabeth Waddington, Treehugger
Square-Foot Gardening Guide for Beginners
Debra Steilen, Better Homes & Gardens
Vegetable Gardening 5/14/21
The Real Differences Between Potting Soil And Garden Soil
Jeana Harris, House Digest
Soil 5/14/21
7 Plant Pairs You Should Always Grow Next to Each Other
Kristin Garnero, Real Simple
Plant Recommendations, Vegetable Gardening 5/13/21
Leading garden designers reveal the 7 biggest changes in garden design
Anna Cottrell, Livingetc
Gardening Trends 5/12/21
10 Great Garden Improvement Projects Based on How Much Time You Have
Kathleen Willcox, SFGate
Fancy a plant that will grow old with you?
James Wong, The Guardian
Lotusland gardens a dedicated stage for over-the-top botanical beauty
Carol Golden, San Diego Union Tribune
Road Trips 5/8/21
No Mow May: Here's why you shouldn't mow your lawn this month
It's for a very important reason., House Beautiful
Lawn, Pollinators 5/8/21
8 surprising garden laws you could be accidentally breaking
Megan Slack, Homes & Gardens
How to get rid of weeds and stop them from spreading: remove these pesky plants from your garden borders
Holly Crossley, Sarah Wilson, Holly Reaney, Gardening etc.
Weeding 5/7/21
30 Common Lawn Weeds and How to ID Them
Luke Miller, Family Handyman
Weeding 5/7/21
6 Fascinating Facts About Peonies That Will Make You Love Their Gorgeous Flowers Even More
Sheryl Geerts and Viveka Neveln, Better Homes & Gardens
Tips for Deer Resistant Plants and Deer Deterrents
Sally Roth, Birds & Blooms
Pest Control 5/6/21
Sunburned Houseplants
My Garden Life
Houseplants 5/5/21
How to choose plants for your modern garden: 10 designer tricks that work
Sarah Wilson, Livingetc
Landscape Design 5/5/21
Best Cut Flowers
My Garden Life
7 ways to make life better for garden birds, according to Iolo Williams
Lisa Walden, House Beautiful
Birds 4/26/21
How to grow hostas
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
The right way to leave stems for native bees
Nicholas Dorian, Tufts Pollinator Initiative
Pollinators, Pruning 4/26/21
Best plants for hanging baskets: 10 picks for stunning displays up high
Holly Crossley, Karen Darlow, Gardening etc.
Container Gardening 4/25/21
Home News Avoid using this material as plant frost cover – and what to use instead
Anna Cottrell, Gardening etc.
How to grow chillies
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Vegetable Gardening 4/25/21
How to Transform Your Balcony Into a Garden Oasis
Nicole Crowder, Food52
Martha's Genius Water-Tracking Chart Will Transform the Health of Your Indoor and Outdoor Plants
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
Watering 4/22/21
10 Vegetables That Thrive in Pots, No Garden Required
Caroline Mullen, Food52
Container Gardening, Plant Recommendations, Vegetable Gardening 4/22/21
The Newest Status Symbol for High-Net Worth Homeowners: Trophy Trees (Requires subscription?)
Katherine Clarke, Wall Street Journal
Trees 4/22/21
Living Space: The Buzz about Biophilia in Architectural Design
Samantha Few, Archetizer
How to turn the wet, soggy areas of a garden from a problem to an asset (Requires subscription?)
Washington Post
Gardening 101: Cucumber
Kier Holmes, Gardenista
Bird’s Nests and Baby Birds in the Garden
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Birds 4/20/21
Picking the right tree or shrub for your garden can be tricky. Here are tips to keep in mind.
Beth Botts, Chicago Tribune
Plant Selection, Shrubs, Trees 4/18/21
These High-Tech Garden Tools Will Do Your Yard Work for You
Rachel Wolfe, Wall Street Journal
How to draw a landscape plan — and why your yard needs one
Nate Swanner, 21 Oak
Landscape Design 4/16/21
Walk Through Claude Monet’s Garden, the Most Famous in All of France
Claudicet Pena, My Modern Met
How Often Should Indoor Plants Be Watered?
Jacqueline Tynes, House Digest
Houseplants, Watering 4/16/21
Why Do Tomatoes Split as They Ripen?
Mary Claire Lagroue, Food & Wine
Vegetable Gardening 4/15/21
Architects’ Secrets: 10 Ideas to Create Privacy in the Garden
Meredith Swinehart, Gardenista
Landscape Design 4/15/21
Landscaping Ideas: 11 Design Mistakes to Avoid
Michelle Slatalla, Gardenista
Landscape Design 4/14/21
Chicago gets its first full-blown cherry blossom season... (Requires subscription?)
Nara Schoenberg, Chicago Tribune
Gardening 101: Forsythia
Jeanne Rostaing, Gardenista
Hedges, Shrubs 4/12/21
How to grow lavender
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Home Designs Landscaping around trees: 10 stunning ways to bring them into your plot
Holly Crossley, Gardening etc.
Landscape Design, Trees 4/10/21
Home Designs Garden gate ideas: 20 stylish ways to keep your plot smart and secure
Jill Morgan, Gardening etc.
Trees for Pots
My Garden Life
Container Gardening, Trees 4/7/21
10 things your roses are trying to tell you
Rita Perwich, San Diego Union Tribune
How to Completely Transform Your Garden's Overall Style
Lauren Wellbank, Martha Stewart Living
Landscape Design 4/2/21
Your Guide to Creating an Allée of Trees or Shrubs at Your Own Home
Lauren Wellbank, Martha Stewart Living
Landscape Design 4/1/21
Sow your sunflowers! 15 easy April gardening tasks – to ensure a glorious, flowery summer
Jane Perrone, The Guardian
Gardening expert David Domoney shares clever hack to check a tree is healthy using a penny
Rebecca Knight, Gardening etc.
Trees 4/1/21
Greg Crafter Wants to Turn Your Walls Into Gardens
Lia Picard, Food & Wine
Edible Gardens 3/30/21
10 Plants That Need Pruning in the Spring
Luke Miller, Family Handyman
Pruning 3/30/21
A forest on caffeine? How coffee can help forests grow faster
Sarah Gibbens, National Geographic
Ecological Restoration, Environmental Causes, Mulching 3/30/21
How to Reuse Glass Bottles in the Garden
Elizabeth Waddington, Treehugger
Arts & Crafts, Sustainable Gardening 3/29/21
7 Amazing Shows to Stream If You'd Always Rather Be Gardening
Perri Ormont Blumberg, Southern Living
12 Colorful Hosta Types for Your Garden
David Beaulieu, The Spruce
Plant Recommendations 3/29/21
Spring is here, and weeds are already sprouting. Here’s how to get a head start on weeding to lessen the spread. (Requires subscription?)
Beth Botts, Chicago Tribune
Spring Gardening, Weeding 3/28/21
Spring gardening: What you can tackle now and what needs to wait until May (Requires subscription?)
Stephanie Reynolds, Chicago Tribune
Spring Gardening 3/28/21
Home News 4 reasons why you should consider adding a garden office to your outdoor space now
Teresa Conway, Gardening etc.
Gardeners Live Longer, Gardening Trends 3/28/21
Start off gardening season reworking bed edges with help from a garden hose, rope or spade (Requires subscription?)
Tim Johnson, Chicago Tribune
What to Plant Together for a Picture-Perfect Flower Garden All Year Long
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design, Plant Selection 3/26/21
How to design an accessible garden, according to Gardeners' World's Mark Lane
Lisa Walden, House Beautiful
Landscape Design 3/25/21
18 cheap garden ideas for your outdoor space
House Beautiful
On a Budget 3/24/21
Gardening trends to embrace this spring/summer
Lisa Walden, House Beautiful
Gardening Trends 3/23/21
These Lego-Like Bricks Make Building a Raised Garden Bed a Snap
Ben Keough, New York Times
Construction Projects, Vegetable Gardening 3/22/21
How to Be Successful with Raised Garden Beds
My Garden Life
Kimbal Musk’s Quest to Start One Million Gardens
Alex Morris, Rolling Stone
Gardening Makes The World a Better Place 3/20/21
Gardening Lessons from the Quietly Stunning Landscapes of Provence
Carolann Rule, Monte Cristo Magazine
Landscape Design 3/20/21
RHS pledges to be peat-free by 2025 – here's why every gardener should do the same
Lisa Walden, Country Living
Environmental Causes, Mulching 3/20/21
How to successfully plant hellebores in the garden and in pots
House Beautiful
How to grow clematis
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Lessons Learned: From “Neglected” Slope to Charming Garden, in South London
Kendra Wilson, Gardenista
Landscape Design 3/17/21
Edible Container Gardening for Beginners
Lauren David, AllRecipes
Container Gardening, Edible Gardens 3/17/21
Pointers for Placing Plants with Strong Fragrance
Caleb Melchior, Horticulture Magazine
Landscape Design 3/16/21
Fence Fashion: 10 Ways to Add Curb Appeal with Horizontal Stripes
Michelle Slatalla, Gardenista
Curb Appeal, Landscape Design 3/15/21
The gardener’s guide to peonies
Adrian Higgins, Washington Post
Impatient for spring blooms? Branches of early-budding trees can be forced into flowering inside
Beth Botts, Chicago Tribune
Spring Gardening 3/14/21
Garden Mastery: Plant for the pollinators, which keep our world buzzing with life
Jodi Bay, San Diego Union Tribune
Pollinators 3/13/21
Lawn growers throw in the trowel as meadows replace perfect stripes
Patrick Barkham, The Guardian
Environmental Causes, Lawn, Native Plants 3/13/21
Browning bottoms on evergreens likely mean deer made wintery snacks of foliage. Here’s how to treat it. (Requires subscription?)
Tim Johnson, Chicago Tribune
Winter Gardening 3/13/21
The New Trend in Home Gardens—Landscaping to Calm Anxiety
Yelena Moroz Alpert, Mansions Global
Gardeners Live Longer, Landscape Design 3/12/21
Lisa Walden, House Beautiful
Pest Control 3/12/21
How to grow hydrangeas
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Companion plants to consider for your spring vegetable garden
Dawn Hammon, Inhabitat
Vegetable Gardening 3/11/21
How to Get Rid of Powdery Mildew
Melinda Myers, Birds & Blooms
Pest Control 3/11/21
How to Arrange Fresh Cut Flowers Like a Pro
Megan Wood, Birds & Blooms
Arts & Crafts 3/10/21
How to Plant Flowers in 5 Easy Steps For a Garden Full of Color
Deb Wiley, Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 3/9/21
Native Berries to Plant for Birds
Tammie Painter, Horticulture Magazine
Birds, Native Plants 3/9/21
21 Beautiful Flowering Plants for Wet, Soggy Spots in Your Garden
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Plant Recommendations, Plant Selection, Rain Gardens 3/9/21
The gardener’s guide to azaleas
Adrian Higgins, Washington Post
2021 Will Be The ‘Year Of The Yard,’ As More Americans Plan To Improve Outdoor Spaces
Pamela N. Danziger, Forbes
Curb Appeal, Gardening Trends 3/7/21
Behind the scenes at the flower shows
James Wong, The Guardian
Winter is the ideal time for heavy pruning of shrubs in your yard. Here’s how to get the best results.
Tim Johnson, Chicago Tribune
Pruning, Shrubs 3/7/21
Companion planting: a guide to growing crops side by side to keep them healthy
Fiona Cumberpatch, Gardening etc.
Ready, Set, Grow: How to Plant a Restaurant-Caliber Garden in Your Backyard
Mary-Frances Heck, Food & Wine
Edible Gardens, Vegetable Gardening 3/5/21
How To Create The Ultimate Kitchen Garden
Edible Gardens, Vegetable Gardening 3/5/21
Give Your Garden Elegant Style with These 21 Boxwood Landscaping Ideas
Steele Marcoux, Veranda
Landscape Design 3/5/21
These are the top 3 natural fertilisers recommended by a gardening expert
Anna Cottrell, Gardening etc.
Fertilizing 3/4/21
10 Nifty Raised Garden Bed Ideas We’re Stealing for Our Yards
Camryn Rabideau, Food52
The gardener’s guide to redbuds
Adrian Higgins, Washington Post
Colorful Plants for Partial Shade (Requires subscription?)
Mary Gore, Fine Gardening
Plant Recommendations, Plant Selection 3/1/21
The gardener’s guide to Lenten rose
Adrian Higgins, Washington Post
A guide to sowing seeds
House Beautiful
Seeds 2/27/21
Plan Your Prettiest Garden Yet with this Guide to Perennial Flowers by Season
Deb Wiley, Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design, Perennials, Plant Selection 2/26/21
6 clever small garden design ideas
Flo Headlam, Good Housekeeping
Landscape Design 2/24/21
Gardening: How to protect or heal trees damaged by snow
Lee Reich, AP
Winter Gardening 2/22/21
Tips for Gardening When You Have a Pollen Allergy
Helen Newling Lawson, Birds & Blooms
How to Kill Tuberous Rhizome Weeds
Cathy Habas, Hunker
Weeding 2/22/21
Arborvitae are popular, cheap evergreen shrubs common in Chicago
Beth Botts, Chicago Tribune
To water or not to water? (Requires subscription?)
James Wong, The Guardian
Houseplants, Watering 2/21/21
Home Designs Shed ideas: 16 ways to transform your outdoor storage solution into a fabulous feature for your plot
Holly Crossley, Gardening etc.
Landscape Design 2/21/21
Home News This is how much your garden is adding to your house value
Anna Cottrell, Gardening etc.
Curb Appeal 2/21/21
Aphid infestation on your houseplants? (Requires subscription?)
Tim Johnson, Chicago Tribune
Houseplants, Pest Control 2/20/21
The 18 Most Influential Landscape Architecture Projects From Around the Globe
Dobrina Zhekova, Departures
Landscape Design 2/19/21
Keep the Homegrown Produce Coming with This Fall Harvest Vegetable Garden Plan
Viveka Neveln , Better Homes & Gardens
Vegetable Gardening 2/17/21
Outdoor tree lighting ideas: 11 ways to create a gorgeously glowing scene
Holly Crossley, Gardening etc.
Trees 2/14/21
Japanese garden ideas that will bring Zen to your outdoor space
Alex Mitchell, House Beautiful
Landscape Design 2/12/21
Five Things to Consider When Updating Your Backyard
Lauren Wellbank, Martha Stewart Living
Landscape Design 2/12/21
The Ruth Stout Method and More Tips to Garden Greener
Luke Miller, Birds & Blooms
How to Choose a Houseplant Based on Your Plant Parent Style
Kelly Manning, Martha Stewart Living
Houseplants 2/11/21
6 Signs of Potentially Hazardous Trees
My Garden Life
Trees 2/10/21
A step-by-step guide to drying flowers
Jayne Dowle, House Beautiful
Arts & Crafts 2/7/21
Edible Flowers: What Flowers Can You Eat?
Helen Lawson, Birds & Blooms
Edible Gardens 2/3/21
How to Prune Overgrown Roses
Karen Gardner, Hunker
Pruning 2/2/21
How to move a tree: top tips for replanting trees and shrubs
Sarah Wilson, Gardening etc.
Trees 1/30/21
Mulches and mulching
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Mulching, Native Plants 1/25/21
The best cut flowers to grow in the garden
Caroline Beck, Gardens Illustrated
Plant Selection 1/24/21
How to grow hellebores
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
How to grow sunflowers
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Hilton Carter reveals the one thing you must do to keep house plants alive in winter
Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens
Houseplants 1/16/21
16 great books for gardening and indoor plant inspiration
House Beautiful
Book Club, Houseplants 1/14/21
Plant Predictions: Popular Houseplants for 2021
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Houseplants 1/13/21
The one thing you must do in the garden this winter to avoid frozen pipes
Anna Cottrell, Homes & Gardens
Winter Gardening 1/11/21
Grow a Vertical Herb Garden in a Shoe Organizer
Kirsten Schrader, Birds & Blooms
Construction Projects 1/8/21
Gardening; 20 million novices took up hobby in 2020
Ten Popular Poplar Trees
Les Engels, The Spruce
Plant Recommendations 12/30/20
7 Gardening Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Perennial Plants
Nancy Mock, Taste of Home
Perennials 12/15/20
Japanese maples are small trees that make a big impact
Howard Garrett, Dallas News
Home News Revealed! The plants that risk legal trouble and mortgage rejection
Sarah Warwick, Gardening etc.
Curb Appeal 11/28/20
How to remove a tree stump: follow our practical guide
Sarah Wilson, Gardening etc.
Trees 11/24/20
Control of nature: how gardening is about shaping the natural world
19 of the Best Low-Maintenance Shrubs for Creating Easy-Care Hedges
Sheryl Geertz, Better Homes & Gardens
Hedges 11/10/20
How to Grow Outdoor Ferns in Your Garden
Ten Best Gardening Resources
Victoria Lee Blackstone, Hunker
Can You Remedy Plants That Have Been Battered by Heavy Storms?
Kelly Manning, Martha Stewart Living
How to Grow Coneflower
Michelle Miley, Hunker
The Latest Trend in Menswear Is... Gardening? (Requires subscription?)
Jacob Gallagher, Wall Street Journal
What to Do If Your Hydrangeas Aren't Blooming
Lauren Wellbank, Martha Stewart Living
Seven of the best botanical books
Baya Simons & Victoria Woodcock, Financial Times
Book Club 10/9/20
How to Plant, Grow & Care for Zinnias
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
What to plant in your fall garden
Anne Balogh, Garden Design Magazine
Fall Gardening 10/8/20
Ten Perennials You Should Cut Back Every Fall
Lisa Meyers McClintick, Family Handyman
Fall Gardening 10/7/20
Killing Weeds With Salt—a Non-Toxic Herbicide
Cori Sears, The Spruce
Weeding 10/7/20
How to Dry Chile Peppers, Plus How to Make a Ristra
Niki Jabbour, Horticulture Magazine
Vegetable Gardening 10/5/20
How to Grow Blueberries
Jill Harness, Hunker
How to Grow Bee Balm
Catherine L. Tully, Hunker
Ideas for an Alluring Autumn Garden
Jan Johnsen, Garden Design Magazine
Fall Gardening 10/1/20
21 tips for creative container gardens that say "autumn"
Garden Design Magazine
Container Gardening, Fall Gardening 10/1/20
How to Grow and Care for Lavender
Nashia Baker , Martha Stewart Living
Home News Weekend project: these painted house number pots are perfect for your front garden
Teresa Conway, Gardening etc.
Expert Tips for Late Season Gardening
Luke Miller, Birds & Blooms
Fall Gardening 9/24/20
Garden Terminology 101: A Guide for Beginners
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
8 Pretty but Dangerous Garden Plants to Grow with Caution
Jenny Krane, Better Homes & Gardens
What Should You Plant in a Small Backyard?
Lauren Wellbank , Marth
Landscape Design 9/18/20
How to Encourage Plants and Flowers to Climb
Lauren Wellbank, Martha Stewart Living
Vines & Climbers 9/15/20
Fall gardening tips & chores
Janet Loughrey, Garden Design Magazine
Fall Gardening 9/15/20
25 front garden ideas to smarten up your home's exterior
Heather Young, Gardening etc.
Rare flowers are sprouting in Cook County’s forest preserves: ‘It was like a dead zone and now it’s come alive’
Madeline Buckley, Chicago Tribune
Native Plants 9/11/20
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Compost That Will Enrich Your Garden
Better Homes & Gardens
Composting, Mulching 9/9/20
Home Advice 10 fuss-free shrubs for small gardens
Sarah Wilson, Gardening, etc.
Plant Recommendations 9/8/20
Home Advice How to make a small garden look bigger
Fiona Cumberpatch, Gardening, etc.
Landscape Design 9/7/20
The history of lawns
Rory Dusoir, Gardens Illustrated
Lawn 9/4/20
How to Stop Your Hydrangea Blooms from Turning Brown, According to a Gardening Expert
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
What Should You Do About Hydrangea Bushes That Are Getting Too Big?
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
How to Avoid Killing Your Mums
Kerry Michaels, The Spruce
Fall Gardening 8/26/20
Experts Share 13 Common Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Lauren Dunec Hoang, Houzz
12 Ways to Win the War on Weeds
Melinda Myers, Birds & Blooms
Weeding 8/24/20
How to grow alliums
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
The Best Bulbs to Plant in Fall to Help Pollinators Come Springtime
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Bulbs, Plant Selection, Pollinators 8/20/20
10 Garden Ideas to Steal from Provincetown on Cape Cod
Justine Hand, Gardenista
Landscape Design 8/20/20
Got Garden Pests? Here's How To Kick Those Unwanted Guests to the Curb
Larissa Runkle, SFGate
Pest Control 8/17/20
How to grow weigela
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
How to grow boxwood
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Guides to Recognizing & Collecting Chicagoland Native Seeds
Lake County Native Seed Nursery
Native Plants, Seeds 8/13/20
The 15 Most Underused Perennials You Should Add to Your Garden
Better Homes & Gardens
Plant Selection 8/13/20
Beekeeping for Beginners: What You Need to Know About Starting Your Hive
Leah Chester-Davis and Diana Dickinson, Better Homes & Gardens
Pollinators 8/12/20
How to Grow Your Own Birdseed
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
Birds, Plant Selection 8/11/20
A south-facing garden could add over £20,000 to the value of your home
Lisa Walden, House Beautiful
Here's What to Plant in the Fall for the Prettiest Spring Yard
Deb Wiley, Better Homes & Gardens
Fall Gardening 8/5/20
5 Common Mistakes When Growing Dahlias (And What To Do Instead)
Megan Hughes, Better Homes & Gardens
How to Take Care of Your Newly Planted Garden
Lauren Dunec Hoang, Houzz
Plant your native garden this fall
Illinois Extension
Fall Gardening, Native Plants 8/1/20
The Ultimate Guide to Planting, Growing, and Caring for Lilacs
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
The world’s longest-living people are gardeners
Gardeners Live Longer 7/29/20
Planting in Threes Explained, and When to Break the Rule
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Landscape Design 7/27/20
10 Fun Outdoor Projects and Activities to Fill Summer Days
Lauren Dunec Hoang, Houzz
Arts & Crafts, Gardening with Kids 7/26/20
Capturing rainwater is an easy way to save money and the planet
Dan Seitz, Popular Science
Environmental Causes 7/24/20
How to grow an English country garden
House Beautiful
Landscape Design 7/23/20
How to Choose the Right Type of Hydrangea for Your Garden
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
Plant Selection 7/23/20
Do You Really Need to Fertilize Your Plants? Here's What You Need to Know
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Fertilizing 7/23/20
Dark-leaved Plants Add Depth to the Garden
Caleb Melchior, Horticulture Magazine
Plant Selection 7/22/20
18 Deer- and Rabbit-Resistant Plants for Your Container Garden
Sheryl Geerts, Better Homes & Gardens
Container Gardening, Plant Selection 7/22/20
How and When to Deadhead Hydrangeas to Keep Them Blooming All Summer Long
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
Pruning 7/21/20
Home News Selling your home? These outdoor plants are popular among potential buyers
Ellen Finch, Gardening etc.
Curb Appeal 7/19/20
Flowering Shrubs Birds & Butterflies Love
Melinda Myers, Birds & Blooms
Birds, Pollinators 7/15/20
10 Natural Ways to Eliminate Garden Insect Pests
Steve Siegel, Birds & Blooms
Pest Control 7/13/20
How to Get Rid of Crabgrass and Keep It From Coming Back
Kelly Roberson, Better Homes & Gardens
Lawn, Pest Control 7/13/20
How to Get Rid of Aphids in Your Garden
Megan Hughes, Better Homes & Gardens
Pest Control 7/10/20
7 Gardening Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Perennial Plants
Nancy Mock, Birds & Blooms
Perennials 7/8/20
10 Ideas to Steal from English Cottage Gardens
Michelle Slatalla, Gardenista
Landscape Design 7/6/20
10 Perennial Herbs for Your Garden That Are Practical and Pretty
Arricca Elin Sansone, House Beautiful
Edible Gardens, Herbs 7/2/20
15 Fall Flowers to Grow for a Gorgeous Garden Beyond Labor Day
Hadley Mendelsohn & Arricca Elin Sansone, House Beautiful
Annuals, Fall Gardening, Perennials 7/2/20
Six Fall Landscaping Ideas That Will Help Your Garden Transition Into the New Season
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
Fall Gardening 7/2/20
It isn't Summer without Hydrangeas
Margaret Roach, New York Times
Plant Selection, Summer Gardening 7/1/20
Keep Growing: Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant Perennials
Sally Roth, Birds & Blooms
Fall Gardening, Perennials 6/30/20
19 Ways to Grow Vegetables in Containers That Will Look as Gorgeous as They Taste
Better Homes & Gardens
Container Gardening, Vegetable Gardening 6/30/20
Tough to Remove Goutweed Is a Tricky Perennial to Remove from Your Garden. Here's How. (Requires subscription?)
Tim Johnson, Chicago Tribune
Weeding 6/27/20
Hydrangeas Explained
Midwest Groundcovers
9 of the Worst Mistakes You Should Stop Making With Your Roses
Benjamin Whitacre, Better Homes & Gardens
Tropical Garden Design for Colder Climates
Caleb Melchior, Horticulture Magazine
Tropical Plants 6/24/20
What Are Orienpet Lilies and Why You Need Them in You Garden
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
30 Gorgeous Flowers for the Perfect Fall Garden
Caroline Picard, Monique Valeris, Good Housekeeping
Fall Gardening, Plant Selection 6/23/20
Chicago fails to live up to its motto — City in a Garden — with every tree lost
Chicago Sun-Times
Environmental Causes 6/21/20
Make Your Own Weed Killer With Vinegar and Dish Soap
Noelle Johnson, Birds & Blooms
Weeding 6/18/20
How to Grow Siberian Irises (Requires subscription?)
Troy Scott Smith, Gardens Illustrated
Tips for Using Self-seeding Plants in the Garden
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Landscape Design, Seeds 6/16/20
Four Easy Ways to Aid Native Bees
Niki Jabbour, Horticulture Magazine
Pollinators 6/16/20
How to Design the Perfect Landscape For Your Home (Requires subscription?)
Deb Wiley, Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 6/11/20
3 Gorgeous Ways to Group Containers Together for a Lush Patio Garden
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Container Gardening 6/10/20
Zinnias Will Attract Butterflies and Bees
Eric Grissell, Horticulture Magazine
Pollinators 6/9/20
5 design tips to help you recreate the magic of Chelsea in your own garden
Joe Perkins, House Beautiful
Landscape Design 6/6/20
How to Care for Ornamental Grasses Through the Seasons
Better Homes & Gardens
Division, Grasses 6/5/20
How to grow lupins
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
What You Need To Know To Eliminate Weeds From Your Garden (Requires subscription?)
Better Homes & Gardens
Weeding 6/4/20
Unconventional Wisdom: 8 Revolutionary Ideas for Your Garden from Thomas Rainer
Jeanne Rostaing, Gardenista
Landscape Design 6/4/20
Tips for Keeping Chipmunks Out of Pots
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Pest Control 6/2/20
How To Understand Your Yard's Sunlight So You Know What to Plant Where
Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 6/1/20
Pollinator's Favorite Nectar Plants (Requires subscription?)
John Gwynne, Fine Gardening
Pollinators 6/1/20
Designing a Stylish Pollinator Garden (Requires subscription?)
John Gwynne, Fine Gardening
Pollinators 6/1/20
A Hole in Every Host Plant (Requires subscription?)
John Gwynne, Fine Gardening
Insects, Pollinators 6/1/20
Tomato Timing Checklist (Requires subscription?)
Danielle Sherry, Fine Gardening
Vegetable Gardening 6/1/20
Plants That Shine in the Shade
Andy Brand, Fine Gardening
Shade Gardening 6/1/20
The 160-year-old reason you’re obsessed with your lawn
Grace Wade, Popular Science
Environmental Causes, Lawn 6/1/20
Go Figure, But a 'Convert Your Lawn to Prairie' Webinar is the Hottest Ticket in Town
Patty Wetli, WTTW
Lawn, Online Courses, Prairies 5/22/20
17 Top Annual Plant Pairings For Summer-Long Color
Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 5/22/20
Variegated Plants for Midwestern Shade (Requires subscription?)
Jennifer Smock, Fine Gardening
Shade Gardening 5/20/20
It’s Scientifically Proven That Flowers Make You Feel Better
Elise Taylor, Vogue
Gardeners Live Longer 5/18/20
What's Wrong With my Coneflower (Requires subscription?)
Richard Hawke, Fine Gardening
What's New with Coneflowers (Requires subscription?)
Richard Hawke, Fine Gardening
How to Prune Tomatoes for Maximum Yield and Plant Health
Epic Gardening
Pruning, Vegetable Gardening 5/15/20
Tips for Growing Elephant Ears in Containers
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Container Gardening, Tropical Plants 5/12/20
How to Color Map Your Garden
Caroline Biggs, Martha Stewart Living
Landscape Design 5/4/20
Dry Shade Doesn't Have to Ruin the Party (Requires subscription?)
Susan Calhoun, Fine Gardening
Drought-Tolerant Gardening, Shade Gardening 5/1/20
Different Types of Garden Hoses
Jennifer Howell, Garden Gate
Watering 4/30/20
2020's New & Improved Flowers: A Gardener's A-to-Z Guide (Requires subscription?)
Michelle Slatalla, Wall Street Journal
Plant Selection 4/25/20
Gardening Basics: Identifying Weeds in Your Garden
Melinda Myers, Birds & Blooms
Weeding 4/24/20
13 Garden Remedies to Stop Doing
Stacy Tornio, Birds & Blooms
Winter Gardening: Tips to Add Color
Sally Roth, Birds & Blooms
Winter Gardening 4/24/20
How to grow dahlias
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Ten weeds you can eat
Marie Viljoen/Saveur, Popular Science
Edible Gardens 4/19/20
Succession Planting for Vegetables
My Garden Life
Vegetable Gardening 4/15/20
Tolkien was right: giant trees have towering role in protecting forests
Jonathan Watts, The Guardian
Environmental Causes 4/9/20
Houseplants Outside: Tips for Choosing and Using Them
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Houseplants 3/31/20
Keys to Success When Rearranging Garden Plants
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Division 3/31/20
Hardscaping 101: Raised Garden Beds
Janet Hall, Gardenista
Edible Gardens 3/23/20
Gardening for beginners: the gardening year
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
How to Use Fertilizer in Your Garden
Chloe Deike, Garden Gate Magazine
Fertilizing 3/20/20
This Company Lets You Rent Bees to Bulk Up Your Local Pollinator Population
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Pollinators 3/16/20
This Company Lets You Rent Bees to Bulk Up Your Local Pollinator Population
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Pollinators 3/16/20
3 Easy Ways to Add Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year to Your Garden This Spring
Megan Hughes, Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 3/9/20
12 Gorgeous Annuals That Thrive in the Shade
Better Homes & Gardens
Annuals, Plant Selection, Shade Gardening 3/2/20
9 Plants with Colorful Leaves That Can Outshine Flowers
Better Homes & Gardens
Plant Selection 2/25/20
Garden Pansy Propagation and Care
Megan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Annuals, Fall Gardening, Spring Gardening 2/24/20
How Gardens and Green Space Benefit Our Health
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Gardeners Live Longer 2/17/20
Does Ivy Damage Walls?
Gardens Illustrated
Vines & Climbers 2/7/20
Starting Tomato or Pepper Seeds
Seeds 2/6/20
The Problem with the Peat Moss in Your Pots (and What to Use Instead)
Dan Nosowitz, Better Homes & Gardens
Environmental Causes, Mulching 1/16/20
The Best Edging Plants
Fiona Cumberpatch, Gardening etc.
Landscape Design 1/6/20
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
How to choose the right garden hoe
Jennifer Howell, Garden Gate
Weeding 12/3/19
Gardening for beginners: Know your plot
BBC Gardener's World Magazine
Americans’ need for a perfect lawn comes down to neighborhood peer pressure
Grace Wade, Popular Science
Environmental Causes, Lawn 11/21/19
How to Landscape Around a Deck for a Backyard You'll Be Excited to Show Off
Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 10/28/19
How to create a ‘non-garden’ garden
Tim Richardson, Gardens Illustrated
Landscape Design 10/24/19
14 Great Shrubs and Vines for Fall Color
David Baeulieu, The Spruce
Fall Gardening, Plant Selection 10/18/19
How to Force Paperwhites for Winter Blooms
My Garden Life
Bulbs 10/18/19
Hate raking leaves? There’s an easier method.
Grace Wade, Popular Science
Lawn 10/16/19
Why Fall Is the Best Time for Planting
Bejamin Vogt, Houzz
Fall Gardening 9/2/19
How to Plant Bulbs in Pots
Gardens Illustrated
Bulbs, Container Gardening 9/1/19
Five Mistakes You're Making with Your Hydrangeas
Jillian Kramer, Martha Stewart Living
The best trees for autumn colour
Gardens Illustrated
Fall Gardening, Plant Selection, Trees 8/26/19
The Best 15 Woody Shrubs for Fall Color
Gretchen Heber, Gardener's Path
Fall Gardening, Plant Selection 8/19/19
How to Change the Color of Your Hydrangeas
Jillian Kramer, Martha Stewart Living
Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal
Better Homes & Gardens
How to Set Up a Beehive
Kate Carter Frederick and Jarret Einck, Better Homes & Gardens
Pollinators 8/1/19
Using Landscape Edging
Kelly Roberson, Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 7/18/19
The Secret to Keeping Gardens Beautiful in Sweltering August (Requires subscription?)
Michelle Slatalla, Wall Street Journal
Summer Gardening 7/16/19
How to Prune Lilacs
Gardener Scott
Pruning 7/12/19
Problem-Solving Perennials for Tough Gardens
Better Homes & Gardens
Perennials, Plant Selection 7/3/19
Deer-resistant Plants for the Four-season Garden
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Pest Control 6/27/19
Ten Container Garden Tips for Beginners
Kerry Michaels, The Spruce
Container Gardening 6/26/19
6 Ways to Attract Fireflies to Your Yard
Jenny Krane, Better Homes & Gardens
3 Steps to Attracting Dragonflies to Your Yard
Jenny Krane, Better Homes & Gardens
Problem-solving Plants for Sun and Shade
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Plant Selection 6/1/19
Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas
Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 5/30/19
5 Tips for Dogscaping Your Yard
My Garden Life
Landscape Design 5/4/19
Hanging Basket Watering Tips
Garden Gate Magazine
Grow a Small-space Vegetable Garden with These Tips
Brenda Lynn, Horticulture Magazine
Vegetable Gardening 4/20/19
How to deadhead flowers
Gardener's World
Pruning 4/19/19
10 Pretty Container Gardens in Pastel Hues
Lauren Dunec Hoang, Houzz
Container Gardening 4/13/19
Window Box Planting Ideas for 4 Seasons of Interest
Lauren Dunec Hoang, Houzz
Container Gardening 4/2/19
Tips for Landscaping on a budget
Tracie Henkel, Hunker
On a Budget 3/26/19
Soil Temperature Is Critical to Garden Plants
Megan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Planting, Spring Gardening, Winter Gardening 3/16/19
Everything You Need to Know About Arbors
Leanne Potts, Gardenista
Landscape Design 3/14/19
Mowing for monarchs
Layne Cameron, MSU Today
Pollinators 3/12/19
Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots
Philip Schmidt, Hunker
Container Gardening, Vegetable Gardening 3/11/19
How to Water Perennial Plants
Garden Gate Magazine
Perennials, Watering 2/4/19
Tree Planting 101 (Hint: It's Not What You've Heard)
Old House Journal
Planting, Trees 1/18/19
Ornamental Grasses for Shade Gardens
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Grasses, Plant Selection, Shade Gardening 11/22/18
Design ideas for a garden path
Gardens Illustrated
Landscape Design 10/4/18
How to Care for MUMs and Keep Them Blooming All Season
The Grounds Guys
Fall Gardening 9/25/18
Pet Friendly Houseplants
My Garden Life
Plant Selection 8/20/18
How to create a perfectly imperfect lawn
Anna Brooks, Popular Science
Lawn 6/15/18
12 Small Trees for a Big Landscape Look
My Garden Life
Trees 5/17/18
How to Prune Spring-Flowering Shrubs
Abby Patterson, Better Homes & Gardens
Pruning, Shrubs 4/17/18
What Should I Do With Used Potting Mix?
Jennifer Howell, Garden Gate Magazine
Soil 4/17/18
10 Secrets of Curb Appeal
Elizabeth Passarella, Southern Living
Curb Appeal 2/15/18
How to Grow a Garden from Seed
Benjamin Vogt, Houzz
Seeds 1/30/18
Best Fall-Blooming Flowers for Your Garden
Ace Gardener
Plant Recommendations 1/3/18
Gardening With Kids: How to Plant Bulbs
Alison Hodgson, Houzz
Bulbs, Gardening with Kids 9/23/17
Upright Shade Plants for the Shade Garden
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Shade Gardening 8/15/17
Everything You Need to Know About Fences & Gates
Michelle Slatalla, Gardenista
Landscape Design 7/19/17
Choosing Groundcovers 101
Kurt Lovell
Ground Covers 6/16/17
14 Ideas to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger
Justine Hand, Gardenista
Landscape Design 5/24/17
Eat Your Vegetables: The Salad Garden by Joy Larkcom
Clare Coulson, Gardenista
Book Club, Edible Gardens 5/6/17
Rhododendrons: Spring Planting and Care Tips
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Hellebore Care Tips and Propagation, Plus Companions
Megan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Hardscaping 101: Drip Irrigation
Christine Change Hanway, Gardenista
10 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Winter
Shannon Cowan, EarthEasy
Fall Gardening 10/4/16
Maximize Your Basil Harvest - 3 Mistakes to Avoid
Stacey Murphy
Herbs 9/14/16
5 Garden Tips to Maximize Tomato Harvest
Stacey Murphy
Vegetable Gardening 8/8/16
Meredith Swinehart, Gardenista
Landscape Design 7/27/16
Stop Uninvited Guests...Deer
My Garden Life
Pest Control 7/14/16
Shade Gardens Come Alive with Gold Foliage
Jennifer Smith, Horticulture Magazine
Shade Gardening 6/27/16
Native Alternatives to English Ivy, Japanese Pachysandra and Periwinkle
Curtis Adams, Houzz
Which Native Milkweeds Should You Plant for Monarch Butterflies?
Boyce Tankersley, Chicago Botanic Garden
Pollinators 6/1/16
Navigating the Wet Spring In Your Garden
Tim Johnson, Chicago Botanic Garden
Hardscaping 101: Edible Gardens
Michelle Slatalla, Gardenista
Edible Gardens 4/28/16
Leaves of Grass: 9 Ways to Create Curb Appeal with Perennial Grasses
Michelle Slatalla, Gardenista
Curb Appeal, Grasses, Landscape Design 3/28/16
Planting Guide for Spring-Flowering Bulbs
Nicole Bradley, Better Homes & Gardens
Bulbs 2/19/16
Master the Art of Using Color in the Garden
Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 2/19/16
Health Benefits of Gardening
L.E. Mentary, Rozanne and Friends
Gardeners Live Longer 10/4/15
Tips For Selecting Vining Plants
Jennifer Smith, Horticulture Magazine
Plant Selection, Vines & Climbers 8/24/15
Front Yard Flower Gardens
Better Homes & Gardens
Landscape Design 6/9/15
August Gardening Tips for the Midwest
Better Homes & Gardens
Summer Gardening, Vegetable Gardening 6/9/15
Layout Tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden
Kelly Roberson, Better Homes & Gardens
Vegetable Gardening 6/9/15
How to Make Your Own Potting Mix
Better Homes & Gardens
Container Gardening, Soil 6/9/15
How Late Can You Plant Perennials in the Fall
Maria Woodie, Horticulture Magazine
Fall Gardening 10/15/13
The biggest wonder about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? They weren’t in Babylon
David Keys, The Independent
Reuse of Bulbs from Containers
My Garden Life
Bulbs 3/22/13
How to Find Companion Plants for Japanese Maples
Maria Woodie, Horticulture Magazine
Wintering Over Tender Perennials in Containers
Maria Woodie, Horticulture Magazine
Fall Gardening 11/6/12
10 Beautiful Ways to Landscape With Bulbs
LuAnn Brandsen, Houzz
Bulbs, Landscape Design 9/5/12
Here's How to Plant in Summer's Heat
The Oregonian
Planting, Summer Gardening 6/30/12
Annuals Aren't Evil: Reasons to Grow Annual Flowers
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Annuals 5/22/12
Designing and Growing the Cutting Garden
Meghan Shinn, Horticulture Magazine
Art in the garden: Late summer is a good time to plant perennials
Daily Herald
Perennials, Planting, Summer Gardening 8/20/11
10 Combinations for Shade (Requires subscription?)
Inta Krombolz, Fine Gardening
Landscape Design, Shade Gardening 11/1/09
When Planning a Garden, Spin the Color Wheel
Stephen Orr, The New York Times
Landscape Design 7/8/08
10 Plants for Year-round Containers
Muffin Evander, Fine Gardening
Container Gardening 5/15/06
Fall's a Good Time to Move Perennials
Dennis Hinkamp, Utah State University Extension
Division, Fall Gardening 9/5/98
Beautiful Foliage Plants for your Perennial Garden
Ken Druse, Garden Design
Why isn't my Hydrangea Blooming?
How To Get More Blooms From Your Hydrangea
Tips on Pruning Annabelle Hydrangeas
Kelly Lehman
Create High End Curb Appeal for Less
Jessica Bennett, Better Homes & Gardens
Curb Appeal, Landscape Design
Watering Trees & Shrubs
The Morton Arboretum
Shrubs, Trees, Watering
Mulching Trees & Shrubs
The Morton Arboretum
Pruning Deciduous Shrubs
The Morton Arboretum
Pruning, Shrubs
Pruning Evergreens
The Morton Arboretum
Evergreens, Pruning
Chicago Garden Calendar
The Morton Arboretum
How To Plant Trees
The Morton Arboretum
Planting, Trees
Flower Garden or Vegetable Garden? You Needn't Choose! (Requires subscription?)
Wall Street Journal
Vegetable Gardening
Garden Books to Read While Self-Isolating
Gardens Illustrated
Best Shrubs for Containers
Karen Chapman, Better Homes & Gardens
Animals, Container Gardening, Shrubs
Instructions for planting perennials in hot, dry weather
Missouri Native Society
Perennials, Planting, Summer Gardening
Early Spring Planting
Midwest Gardening
Planting, Winter Gardening
Plants for Great Midwest Butterfly Gardens
Midwest Gardening
Creating fabulous fall gardens
Proven Winners
Fall Gardening
10 Fall Gardening Tasks to Make Your Garden Sing Next Spring
Proven Winners
Fall Gardening
Tips for Pruning Roses
Better Homes & Gardens
23 Top Ornamental Grasses
Better Homes & Gardens
Grasses, Plant Selection
Tips for Planting Perennials in Fall
The Native Plant Herald
Fall Gardening
Planting Time for Perennials
Eulalia Palomo, SFGate
Fall Gardening, Planting, Summer Gardening
Fall: a time for planning & planting
Marin Master Gardeners
Fall Gardening
How and when to divide perennials
University of Minnesota Extension
Division, Fall Gardening
Native Plants for Shady Raingardens
University of Wisconsin Extension
Plant Selection, Rain Gardens, Shade Gardening
Plants for Rain Gardens
Penn State Extension
Plant Selection, Rain Gardens
Gardening in Wet, Shady Sites (Requires subscription?)
Inta Krombolz, Fine Gardening
Shade Gardening
How to Grow Grass in the Shade
DIY Network
Lawn, Shade Gardening
How to design a garden that reflects your style and personality
Ula Maria, Gardens Illustrated
Landscape Design
The Butterfly Garden at Dwyer Park
Winnetka Park District
Growing Mums In Containers: How To Grow Mums In Pots
Liz Baessler, Gardening Know How
Container Gardening, Fall Gardening
Landscape Design Principles for Residential Gardens
Rob Steiner, Garden Design Magazine
Landscape Design
What does full sun or part shade mean?
Proven Winners
Plant Selection
Zoning in on Hardiness
Proven Winners
Plant Selection
Should I water or is it going to rain?
Proven Winners
Feed me Seymour: Your Guide to Feeding Annuals
Proven Winners
Container Gardening, Fertilizing
The dirt on dirt
Garden gold
Proven Winners
Fertilizing, Soil
Garden gold, again
Proven Winners
Fertilizing, Soil
To Deadhead or not to deadhead...
Proven Winners
Pruning demystified
Proven Winners
Pruning Shrubs, Part 1: Why Prune?
Proven Winners
Pruning, Shrubs
Pruning Shrubs, Part 2: When is the best time to prune?
Proven Winners
Pruning, Shrubs
Plants for a Wow-Worthy Container
Anthony Tesselaar, Fine Gardening
Container Gardening
4 Ways for Staking Tomatoes (Requires subscription?)
Carol Collins, Fine Gardening
Vegetable Gardening
Painting Clay Pots (Requires subscription?)
Michelle Gervais, Fine Gardening
Arts & Crafts
New planting ideas for small gardens
Natasha Goodfellow, Gardens Illustrated
Landscape Design
How to make a floral Advent calendar
Matthew Biggs, Gardens Illustrated
Arts & Crafts
5 Florist-Approved Tips To Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer
Sarah Regan
Arts & Crafts
How to prune lavender like a pro
Rhys McKay, Better Homes & Gardens
10 Indoor Plants That Improve Overall Health and Wellness
Michael Doherty, One Green Planet
Gardeners Live Longer
Sprouting Seeds at Home: 10 Creative Ways to Sprout Seeds for Your Spring & Summer Gardens
Donna John, 30 Seconds
How to Divide 45 Favorite Perennials
Garden Gate Magazine
3 simple ways to divide plants
Garden Gate Magazine
3 simple ways to divide plants
Garden Gate Magazine
How to Root Succulents with Leaf Cuttings
Garden Gate Magazine
How to Build a Wood Raised Garden Bed
Jennifer Howell
Construction Projects
DIY Pallet Raised Garden Bed
James A. Baggett, Garden Gate Magazine
Construction Projects
Botanic Gardens to Visit in the U.S.
Sherri Ribbey, Garden Gate Magazine
Road Trips
Spring Planting Start Dates
Chicago Botanic Garden
Vegetable Gardening
Tomato Talk
Chicago Botanic Garden
Hardiness Zones 101: What All Home Gardeners Need to Know
Glenda Taylor, Bob Vila
Plant Selection
How to Grow and Care For Coleus
Neglected Bonsais Trees Pruned And Restored Over The Course Of A Year
Chris Winters, 12 Tomatoes
2 Smart Ways to Water Your Garden
Steve Aitken, Jennifer Brown, Fine Gardening
20 Great Perennials to Start From Seed
Fine Gardening
Hardy Hibiscus: How to plant and grow this tropical-looking perennial
Jessica Walliser, Savvy Gardening
10 Rain Garden Plants That Can Help Reduce Runoff
Audrey Stallsmith, Bob Vila
Plant Selection, Rain Gardens
40 Green Fence Design Ideas, Yard Landscaping and Decorating with Plants
11 Living Fences That Look Better Than Chain Link
Donna Boyle Schwartz, Bob Vila
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We try very hard to source exactly what you’d like, but sometimes growers run out of plants! While this variety is a great deal at the price shown, we know that it has limited availability. If you want the plant even if it might be more expensive, or in a different size or quantity -- after you place your order, just send us a quick note at Then, we’ll try to get you some version of this from one of our growers. And if we can’t get it from anywhere, of course, we’ll send a refund!

Field-Grown vs. Greenhouse-Grown Plants

Plants which are well-adapted to our local climate are most often field-grown (outside). Field-grown plants are generally cheaper and have the advantage of already somewhat acclimated to our cold winters, but that means they’re not artificially far along in the spring and tend to bloom at the normal time in our area.

Spring annuals and tender perennials are typically grown in Greenhouses so they can be ready and luxurious exactly when customers want them. Some perennials are also “forced” into early bloom in greenhouses. In May, there can be a very big difference between field-grown and greenhouse-grown plants of the same type. The latter typically look good right away (so they’re a great choice where that’s important), but we typically pay a premium for it.

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